By Vi Nguyen

CHICAGO (CBS)– A Zion woman hit a police squad car and slammed into a CVS with her Jeep, just one day before she was supposed to start a jail sentence for  a separate driving while intoxicated incident.

Nina Allen, 57, has been charged with Aggravated DUI, Aggravated Assault on Officer, Criminal Damage to State Property and Criminal Damage to Property over $500, according to Zion police. Allen was taken into bond court Saturday morning and is being held in Lake County Jail.

Zion police got a call Friday night saying Allen was driving erratically and appeared drunk.

(Credit: Zion Police Department)

When Allen finally pulled into the parking lot of the CVS, on Illinois Route 173, police boxed her in with their squad cars.

Instead of getting out of her Jeep, Allen slammed her car into the squad behind her eight times.

She then started ramming her car into the side of the CVS in front of her, ultimately busting completely through the wall and into the store.

None of the officers, or any of the customers in the store, were hurt.

Allen, who suffered only minor injuries, was arrested at the scene.

Allen was last arrested in Kenosha in March 2018. She was expected to start her jail sentence, but has yet to turn herself in, according to the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department.