CHICAGO (CBS) — Video released by Cook County police shows chaos erupting inside and outside Manny’s Blue Room last November when security guard Jemel Roberson was shot and killed by a Midlothian police officer.

(Credit: Robbins Police Department)

Ian Covey, a white Midlothian police officer, shot and killed Roberson, a black security guard. Roberson was restraining a suspect when he was shot.

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A very upset witness, captured on a police body camera, can be heard saying, “Your man shot my man. The police shot security.”

More irate patrons are also heard lashing out at police after the shooting.

Initial findings from state police suggest Roberson was not wearing anything identifying himself as security. Roberson’s attorneys and another security guard dispute that.

“I’m telling him he’s working with us,” the security guard said. “He’s shot him four to five times after we told him he’s with us.”

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Additional cell phone video shows bullet casings in the parking lot. The man behind the phone appears to recognize Covey from previous encounters.

“He done wrote me six or seven tickets,” he said.

The attorney representing the mother of Roberson’s child said the video released leaves more questions in what he calls the unjustified shooting of Roberson.

Fifteen released videos come from dashboard cameras, body cameras and cell phones.

Roberson, 26, was a father of a 10-month-old and had a baby on the way at the time of the shooting.

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No arrests have been made.

Charlie De Mar