CHICAGO (CBS) — Construction work has Metra riders traveling through Union Station double checking their tracks.

Some are shut down as workers repair crumbling concrete. CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez has the story from Union Station.

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The problems started a few years ago when the underside of the building above the Metra tracks started falling apart. For some, Monday’s repairs are a welcomed inconvenience.

Crews removed piles of crumbled concrete by wheelbarrow. The work down here is the responsibility of the building up above at 10 S. Riverside Plaza.

Owners Ivanhoe Cambridge said they’re removing the concrete underbelly of their building as “safely and quickly as possible.”

Amtrak owns the rails but is not responsible for the building above.

“We’ve been very aggressive and we’re going to continue to be to make sure they’re maintaining their buildings properly and showing to us and showing to everyone that they’re doing a good job for everyone’s safety,” said Amtrak spokesperson Marc Magliari.

That after an incident January 22 when a rotten beam, concrete conduit and lighting fixture collapsed, sending rubble flying. A woman said her friend was there when it happened.

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“She was a little alarmed,” said Victoria Sobolev. “I remember her texting me like ‘oh my god the ceiling is falling. Well, the floor of the building is falling.'”

Beginning Monday, and for the next several weeks, Metra advises customers to check your track at the station for boarding location.

Tracks five and seven are shut down as repairs are made above them.

Departures for the Milwaukee District North, Milwaukee District West and North Central lines have been moved to other tracks.

“It’s so dangerous for some passengers who do this every single day so for that to be starting to get fixed is lifesaving.” said Metra commuter Geanna Fank.

“It’s going to take more than one day to fix this but it’s nice to know they’re taking care of the public transportation system,” Sobolov said.

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Metra customers who enter at the Madison Street entrance should definitely arrive early because there’s a chance you may not be able to access your train’s platform from that location.