CHICAGO (CBS) — Flood waters are steadily receding along the Kankakee River as the ice covering the ground is more like slush after an ice jam that forced nearby people from their homes has begun to melt. Many who made the choice to evacuate are back in their homes, but there are still a few cautionary measures in place on the river.

Early Wednesday police officers and firefighters went door to door to request those who live along the river leave their homes, concerned for their safety with serious flood risks as the ice jam started melting.

The evacuation was lifted late Wednesday afternoon and roads opened back up as emergency crews continued to check the area.

But as people head home they are still being asked to be careful.

Anyone who dealt with any kind of flooding has to have a gas and electrical check, and many still need to be cautious as melting ice covers the areas surrounding their homes.

“We’re still watching it,” homeowner Scott Dwyer said. “I imagine if it jams up again with the water moving as fast as it is, it could come up quick, but if we watch it, we watch it come up? We can get in the truck and just get of here.”