CHICAGO (CBS) — New potholes have been popping up all over Chicago streets after all the big swings in temperatures in recent weeks, but some big potholes in the Riverdale neighborhood have been especially destructive.

At least six vehicles got flat tires Thursday night, after hitting a huge pothole in the westbound lanes of 130th Street, just east of the Bishop Ford Freeway.

“You’ve just got to watch the roads. It’s water in the potholes, so you can’t really see them. You’ve just got to be extra careful,” said tow truck driver John Smith. “If I were you, I’d ride in the middle lane, instead of the curb lane, because most of the potholes are in the right-hand lane.”

Families had to come and rescue stranded drivers as they waited for tow trucks shortly before midnight.

“My granddaughter hit a pothole on the other side of the bridge, and she was just stuck. So I came to rescue her. My wife took her to work, and I’m sitting waiting for the tow truck,” said South Holland resident Dan Matejko.

Smith said the pothole damaged nearly ten cars.

Drivers said crews filling potholes in the area have been spending more time on the Bishop Ford than on 130th Street.