CHICAGO (CBS)– Three days after the shooting at the Henry Pratt building, about 100 people gathered outside of Aurora City Hall to honor the victims with a moment of silence.

One speaker said it was a time for prayer and prayer alone.

“There will be a time for discussions for solutions to the all-too-common tragedy of gun violence in our community and across the nation,” Chuck Adams of Indivisible Aurora stated. “Today is not that day. ”

Congressman Sean Casten appeared to disagree.

“There are going to be people who say don’t politicalize this moment, please do,” Casten said. “Politicalize it because we’re not going to change anything unless we politicize this and talk about it.”

His fellow member of Congress, Bill Foster, reminded the public that he entered public office in the wake of the mass shooting at Northern Illinois University.

“Here we are 11 years later, once again, five dead,” Foster said. “We see again the tears and the faces of their brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers.”

In downtown Aurora community members read the names of those murdered in the shooting and observed a moment of silence for each victim. The victims include Clayton Parks, Trevor Wehner, Russell Beyer, Vicente Juarez and Josh Pinkard.

The Henry Pratt Company announced it will pay for all five funerals.

Services for the youngest victim, Trevor Wehner, an intern at the plant, will be Wednesday at the Gabel-Dunn funeral home in Sheridan, Illinois.