CHICAGO (CBS) — Residents got stuck in a Rogers Park apartment building in three separate incidents Monday. The Chicago Fire Department responded each time. And this is not the first time issues were reported in the building.

“I do not feel safe,” Abe Hamidani said. “My own girlfriend’s been stuck in the elevator before. She’s felt it drop.”

The elevator at Sheridan Court Apartments — newly dubbed The Vivian — is a problem, according to the people who live there.

Concerned residents took video of Chicago firefighters working on the elevator for what they said was the third time in one day Monday.

“They told us that they’ve been here so many times they can’t be a ‘Plan B,’ and this issue needs to be resolved,” Hamidani said.

The unreliable ride is an annoyance for many in a building with nine floors, but it’s a prohibitive problem for people who can’t use the stairs.

“We have a disabled veteran that lives on the 8th floor, and he had to be helped up to his floor,” Gail Garcia said. “I don’t want to say carried, I don’t want to use that word, but helped up.”

CBS 2 found several building code violations as well including a failed annual inspection this past summer for more than a handful of elevator problems.

And that wasn’t the first time. In 2016 they failed an inspection for the same reason.

“I’ve put in maintenance requests to have the elevators fixed, or at least have the freight elevators ran, but no one comes to operate it,” Hamidani said. “People end up getting stuck in the elevator.”

Management was not on site to talk to CBS 2 reporter Tara Molina, who left them several messages.

The Chicago Department of Buildings was also not available for comment because of the holiday.