CHICAGO (CBS)–The CTA said Tuesday some rail stations across the city will get phone chargers and vending machines with organic food, and one will even get a photo booth.

Specialty vending machines will dispense mobile charging packs that customers can either buy or rent. The CTA says it will run a pilot program testing 35 cell phone charging machines at 26 stations, mostly along the Red Line.

Fresh food will be available for purchase via Chicago-based Farmer’s Fridge, a company that makes salads and other fresh items sold from vending machines.

The Chicago Red Line stop will get a photo booth. The CTA says the photo booth will provide a “convenient way for customers and tourists to get photos for recreational, travel and business use.”

CTA customers will be able to buy passport and ID photos from the machine for $14.99 and “souvenir” photos for $5, the CTA said in a news release.

The vending machines are slated to debut at CTA stations this spring.