By Jeremy Ross

Chicago (CBS) — While waiting for a heart transplant last year, Sofia Sanchez recorded a video to rapper Drake’s popular song “In My Feelings”.

It touched the artist enough to visit her while he was in Chicago. Months later, she got a heart.

About six months after surgery, she got back on the dance floor.

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While she’s still regaining her strength and stamina, her surgeon says she’s made enough progress that she has no restrictions on activity.

“I feel really good. I love to go on my trampoline a lot, but now I can’t because of the weather,” Sofia said.

She even attended a dance marathon to benefit the hospital where her surgery took place – Lurie Children’s.

That’s a hospital Jessica Venditto is all too familiar with.

“I’ve been on the heart transplant list for seven months and hopefully my heart will come soon,” Jessica said.

She was two doors down from Sofia before the 11-year-old’s transplant. Now seeing what is possible tempers the anxiety of waiting and wondering.

“Sofia’s story, she’s a huge inspiration to me and has helped me so much,” Jessica said.

When Sofia’s not hanging out with friends, she does visit the hospital once a month for checkups. Her surgeon said she may need yet another heart transplant, but that may not be necessary for decades.