CHICAGO (CBS) — The Maine West High School girls basketball team finished off their flawless 35-0 season in style over the weekend, capturing the 4A state championship.

Marshall High School’s 2A title was a perfect 10 for Dorothy Gaters. CBS 2’s Megan Mawicke tried to find out what still motives Gaters after more than four decades of legendary coaching.

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“All you have to do is believe in kids and encourage them and give them the opportunities and they will flourish,” Gaters said.

Legendary Marshall High School girls basketball coach Dorothy Gaters is proud of her wall, filled with memories and success stories of former athletes she helped mold.

“Some people like to play bingo, watch soap operas. This is what I like to do,” said Gaters. “I never really thought about how many games could I win, how many state championships could I win. I wanted to win them all.”

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Now 1,139 victories later, Dorothy won her 10th state championship in her 44th season at Marshall. Dorothy has had five players go on to the WNBA 18 high school All-Americans.

But what drives this tough love coach is beyond the court.

“In just about every team picture, all these kids have gone to college, every single one,” she said. “I think we have seven kids who are in college right now who probably would not have been there had it not been for basketball. I try to keep these kids focused on what happens once you leave Marshall High School.”

So when does the 73-year-old grandmother of three, and great grandmother to two, think she’ll call it a career?

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“I don’t know. I have been on a year-to-year with myself for a while,” Gaters said. “Actually, I have said several times ‘this is it, this is it.’ I don’t know what it’s going to be until it happens.”