CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago taxpayer who said he was ripped off by a company being sued by the Illinois attorney general is sharing his story after CBS 2 first reported the story of an alleged tax scam Tuesday.

“My returns were audited,” Kenneth Rush said. “It came out that I paid more, $500 or more, just to have my taxes done.”

Rush is on a fixed income and says he used Refund Republic last tax season and the year before.

Rush said he had to enter into a payment plan with the IRS to repay the fees and taxes owed instead of getting a refund.

Rush’s preparer, Isaiah Collins, is among those named in the Illinois attorney general’s lawsuit, which claims people were illegally charged more than $1 million in fees.

“We’re required to have a fee disclosure form that is signed off by the client whenever they file taxes with us,” Collins said.

Rush said he was never told about the fees.

Collins feels he’s been wrongly grouped into the lawsuit. He claims he’s had only one complaint in two years.