CHICAGO (CBS)– The Chicago Department of Transportation announced its schedule for bridge testing prior to the start of the spring boating season.

Chicago River bridges will be closed from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on the days listed below.

March 18, 2019:
Jackson St. Bridge
Eastbound: Jackson, Clinton, Harrison, Franklin, Jackson

March 19, 2019:
Adams St. Bridge
Westbound: Adams, Franklin, Van Buren, Canal, Adams

March 20, 2019:
Monroe St. Bridge
Eastbound: Monroe, Clinton, Adams, Franklin, Monroe

March 21, 2019:
Madison St. Bridge
Eastbound: Madison, Wacker, Randolph, Clinton, Madison

March 25, 2019:
Washington St. Bridge
Eastbound: Washington, Clinton, Monroe, Wacker, Washington

March 29, 2019:
Randolph St. Bridge
Westbound: Randolph, Wacker, Madison, Canal, Randolph

April 1, 2019:
State St. Bridge
Northbound: State, Wacker, Dearborn, Kinzie, State
Southbound: State, Kinzie, Clark, Wacker, State