CHICAGO (CBS) — Shorewood police are investigating three burglary and home invasion incidents that occurred during the day Saturday and may be related and possibly committed by the same man, police say. Two of his attempts were successful and a third was not.

Different methods of entry were used at each home, including an attempted ruse entry of an occupied home and forced entry into another home.

The incidents appear to be random, according to police.

In one incident in the 900 block of Caprice, a woman in her 80s was hurt. She is currently hospitalized with bruises.

“It just ain’t right,” said neighbor Al Mikula. “She’s a very nice lady. We’re locking our front door, going out through the garage. Don’t open the door for anybody. Don’t do anything. We don’t know what’s going on.”

In another incident in the 500 block of Helene, items were stolen from a home.

“So we’re just kind of left wondering, how concerned should we really be?” neighbor Courtney Sanders said. “Everybody around here is super on edge at the moment.”

(Credit: Shorewood police)

The suspect is described as a white or Hispanic man in his early 30s who was driving a dark full-sized pick-up Chevrolet truck. He was wearing a gray hoodie, black shirt, white undershirt and faded blue jeans.

(Credit: Shorewood police)

In surveillance video the suspect can be seen walking slowly to a front door and wearing a neon yellow and gray glove on his left hand. He pretends to be a new neighbor. He stands at the door for about 30 seconds, appearing to look inside the house.

In surveillance video from a Ring video doorbell, the suspect in two Shorewood burglary and home invasion incidents can be seen trying to block his face from view.

Then he knocks and quickly puts his gloved hand over the doorbell camera but not enough to conceal his face.

He can be heard saying, “I’m so sorry. I needed hot water.”

The homeowner responds, “Oh, hot water. Okay, I just put cold water.”

The suspect then says, “Could you just bring it next door? Could you just drop it off?”

It’s not known if he man entered this home or if the woman heard talking to him was attacked.

What is known is Shorewood Police say the man appears to be connected to a burglary and home invasion on March 16 in the community.

Everyone in the areas of the 500 block of Helene Street and the 900 block of Caprice Drive in Shorewood is asked to report all suspicious people or vehicles in their neighborhoods and review surveillance video from March 16.

Shorewood police are also reminding homeowners anyone soliciting business must be able to show you documentation from the village showing they’re authorized to solicit at your door.