Chicago (CBS) — The city of Chicago will pay millions to the family of a man shot and killed by Chicago police.

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Pod camera video shows the scene, just moments before the shooting back in May 2014. Attorneys for the victim’s family say a Chicago police officer shot and killed 37-year-old Gary Smith in the city’s Austin neighborhood.

At the time, police said an officer had grabbed Smith, who then pulled a gun on him. But, witnesses testified in court that Smith was unarmed and actually had his hands raised in the air, when police shot him multiple times.

The jury awarded Smith’s family $5 million.

Smith’s daughter says she’s glad the jury saw the truth, but it doesn’t ease her pain.

“He was loving. He loved me and my brother. He loved family. He was big about family. He was an awesome person,” Dasha Davis said.

A spokesperson for the city’s law department says they are disappointed in the verdict.