CHICAGO (CBS)– A child is in critical condition after falling into a 6-foot hole in the Lakeview area Monday, according to Chicago police.

The little boy fell through a section of the utility trench back in the corner of a building’s gangway at 4ss West Briar Place. The child’s grandfather jumped into the hole to help the child shortly before the Chicago Fire Department arrived and he was taken to the hospital.

Police said the hole was part of a water drain.

Fire officials said the child was injured by “rebar,” which is reinforcement rods used in construction that are placed in before concrete is poured,” at the bottom of the hole.

According to the CFD, the child was transported to Lurie Children’s Hospital.

A city building inspector was on the scene Monday night to remove the section of the trench where the boy may have fallen in.

The small section, like the rest of the utility trench, was covered by a protective steel grate.

Police and the inspector say the grate gave way when the little boy stood on it, sending him plunging into the five-foot pit.

The building’s management company has not responded to a request for comment.