CHICAGO (CBS) — A woman described as a Catholic mother to four sons has started a firestorm of a conversation involving women who wear leggings, and the alleged distraction the clothing is causing.

According to South Bend, Indiana affiliate WSBT, a woman who is only identifying herself as Maryann White wrote an open letter to the editor of The Observer (a student-run paper for Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s) and called leggings “exposing,” and “naked.”

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The mother said she remembered being at church with her family when she saw several young women with “snug-fitting leggings” that “looked as though the leggings had been painted on them.”

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White said the article of clothing “makes it difficult for young guys to ignore them.” She said she wants the young women to think about “the mothers of sons and to instead choose jeans next time.”

The letter inspired a protest on the campus of Notre Dame, where students participated in “Leggings Pride Day.”

Protest organizers said even though the mother’s letter was well-intentioned “we ask White and others offended by leggings to consider the harmful effects of telling people that they bear responsibility for others’ moral choices because of the way they are dressed.”

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“White’s viewpoint perpetuates a narrative central to to rape culture in implying that womxn (sic) and girls are responsible for the actions and reactions of others,” protest organizers added.