CHICAGO (CBS)– The Hammond, Indiana, mayor announced his decision to create a nude beach as part of an April Fools’ prank Monday.

Mayor Thomas M. McDermott Jr. sent a press release stating, “The initiative will encourage residents and new visitors to Hammond to frequent city beaches with a European feel of sun bathing.”

McDermott said the “clothes optional” beach would include volleyball and fully clothed lifeguards starting May 25 in the hopes of promoting “increased self-esteem.”

“It is a perfectly mature form of sun bathing and promotes increased self-esteem while also encouraging healthy living for all those who come to our beaches,” the mayor wrote.

An update to the original press release stated, “There have been strong opinions both in favor and opposed to the idea of the European style of sunbathing at Hammond beaches. After much research and hours of debate, Mayor McDermott has decided to….April Fool’s the project. Happy April Fool’s from the City of Hammond!”