KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CBS Local) — A Kansas man stole a truck full of cookie dough and led police on a winding chase for several hours in two states before he was apprehended, authorities said.

It all began Wednesday morning in Kansas City, Missouri, when a truck driver pulled out from an underground warehouse at Kansas City Cold Storage with a payload of cookie dough.

The driver parked next to his personal vehicle and hopped out to retrieve some personal items, leaving the truck running with the keys in it. That’s when the thief hopped in and took off.

The driver followed in his personal vehicle and called police, CBS affiliate KCTV reported.

“The pursuit started in Missouri, and then to Kansas, then it went back to Missouri and then back to Kansas again,” Lieutenant CJ Beard, who is with the Kansas Highway Patrol, said.

Yet, the strangest part for police wasn’t where it was happening, it was who they were after.

“It’s not every day we pursue a box truck full of cookie dough, in it. When he went by us he would just wave at us,” Beard said.

The police-taunting-truck-thief was cruising down city streets with a full haul of cookie dough in the cargo.

“I would say Cookie Monster, but yeah, cookie burglar would work too,” Beard said.

Troopers used stop sticks to blow out the tires and stop the driver, who was taken into custody without incident in Kansas City, Kansas, some 22 miles east of the warehouse where stole the truck hours before.

“It’s such a big vehicle our stop sticks did work, but we had to use several of our stop sticks just to deflate the tires safely. We’re very happy it ended the way it did. No one was hurt,” Beard said.