CHICAGO (CBS)– A man was charged after he allegedly tased and assaulted a realtor at an open house showing on Sunday in Tinley Park.

Tinley Park police responded to a call from a realtor who said she thought she was tased. Police said the victim was able to point out the offender, Stanley D. Keller, who was in his car.

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Keller told police he was at the open house and alleged the realtor backed into him causing the taser to go off.

Officers then noticed a taser on the floor of the vehicle. While police were interviewing Keller, they discovered he was in possession of a condom.

“One of the detectives discovered, an unused, unsoiled condom had fallen from his right pant leg,” Chief Matthew Walsh said. “We contacted the Assistant State’s Attorney and they approved charges.”

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Keller, 50, of Hazel Crest, has been charged with Attempted Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assualt, Aggravated Battery and Unlawful Use of a Weapon. He is expected back in court on April 15.

The woman’s fellow agents Jessica Bohm and Laura Oremus expressed their concern.

“I  think she’s really shaken up and it hasn’t really sunk in yet at this point,” Bohm said.

According to a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors, 44 percent of female real estate agents say they’ve feared for their safety.

Now Bohm and Oremus, managers at Coldwell Banker, say the company is taking new step including safety classes and no more single agent open houses.

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“You can prepare for it but you don’t think about it on an every day basis when you’re out showing houses or doing open houses. It should be on the back of every realtor’s mind,” Oremus said.