CHICAGO (CBS)–A woman claims to be a fraud victim after being forced out of a Bolingbrook home she rented, but records obtained by CBS 2 reveal she has a checkered past and owes landlords thousands of dollars.

Everything seemed to be going well for Yvette Moore since she moved into her suburban dwelling—until January when a knock at the door changed everything .

“The police came to the door and arrested me, and said that I was fraudulently living here,” Moore said.

She was charged with criminal trespassing.

“I feel like I was a victim,” Moore said.

Moore reached out to CBS 2 Morning Insiders for help.

But when CBS 2 checked her background, records revealed a spotty history.

Moore has charges on her record for writing bad checks and not paying her rent over a span of several years, records show.

Since 2004, she’s been evicted from six houses in DuPage and Will counties. Records also show she owes $19,000 in debt to her former landlords.

Real estate records for the home Moore said she was unlawfully forced out of show the house was rehabbed and listed for sale in December, but it was never listed as a rental.

Now, Moore’s claims that she’s being forced out of her rental home don’t seem to be adding up.

Moore hasn’t paid rent on the property, and police said a lease she provided appeared to have been forged.

When asked for the name of the broker who connected her to the property or a landlord’s name, she told CBS 2 she paid someone for the rental, but she couldn’t recall remember the individual’s name.

Police told CBS 2 Moore was unable to provide a phone number for her landlord.

“I know I gave someone my money,” she said. “And I know he was referred to me by someone I thought was a legitimate person.”

A judge on February 20 ordered her to stay away from the home–but she defied the court order and returned anyway.

CBS 2 also discovered Moore had listed the stainless steel appliances inside the house online in an attempt to make cash.

When CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker presented Moore with records detailing her rental history and the online ad for the appliances, she declined to provide answers, other than to admit she was selling the appliances.

Moore told CBS 2 she planned to move out of the house this week.

Dorothy Tucker