CHICAGO (CBS)– A Portage police officer was charged with domestic battery after a physical altercation with his girlfriend over the weekend.

Brian Chelich, of Portage, was arrested early Saturday morning following a domestic dispute that ended with Chelich head-butting the woman, according to police.

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Chelich was off-duty the night he was arrested, police said.

(Porter County Sheriff’s Office)

Chelich and the woman, who live together, started arguing Friday night where the woman works, and later left the business separately.

She went to bed when she returned home later that evening, police said.

Chelich allegedly came into the room while she was asleep and smashed her phone and shattered a glass closet door.

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The woman woke up and tried to leave the residence, but the two continued argung.

Police said, during the argument, Chelich head-butted her in the face, injuring her nose.

She called police, and while the couple was waiting for officers to arrive, Chelich gathered his police badge and ID, his police-issued firearm, and they keys to his squad car, and turned the items over when police arrived.

Officers found the woman with a large laceration across her nose, which was bloody and swollen, police said.

Chelich was taken to Porter County Jail and was ordered not to have contact with the woman for 10 days.

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