CHICAGO (CBS)– The man accused of throwing a child off of a Mall of America balcony appeared in court Tuesday.

Emmanuel Aranda appeared behind glass in a Minneapolis courtroom, facing charges of premeditated first-degree murder.

Investigators say Emmanuel Aranda, who has violent roots in Chicago, tossed a 5-year-old stranger off a third story balcony at Minnesota’s Mall of America.

When the judge asked Aranda is he had any questions, Aranda replied “not at all.”

Police said Aranda told them he walked into the mall last Friday, ” looking for someone to kill.”

Aranda chose the 5-year-old boy at random, tossing him from a third-floor balcony.

The child remains in critical condition.

Aranda was charged in Chicago back in 2014 for attacking the waitstaff at a Golden Nugget restaurant on the North Side.