CHICAGO (CBS) — A week after Chicago Symphony Orchestra musicians rejected the “last, best and final offer” from management, their own counter-offer has been rejected, meaning their strike will continue.

Both sides met Tuesday for the first time since the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association’s final offer was presented on April 7.

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The Chicago Federation of Musicians, the union for the striking musicians, rejected that offer last week, and presented their own counterproposal on Tuesday, but management turned it down.

“The CFM essentially reiterated, with very minor changes, its previous proposals, including retention of an open defined benefit plan for all current and new members, untenable wage increases and additional paid time off. The CSOA was unable to accept this proposal,” CSOA spokeswoman Eileen Chambers stated in an email.

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The union said they were hoping management would negotiate after the musicians presented their counter-offer.

“At this afternoon’s negotiations, the Chicago Federation of Musicians offered another compromise proposal which was flatly rejected by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association. The Association restated their “last, best, and final” offer and has not budged an inch, nor shared any new path for resolution of the six-week old strike,” said Steve Lester, chair of the musicians’ negotiation committee.

The two sides have not scheduled any further negotiations.

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The musicians have been on strike since March 10, and the CSO has cancelled several scheduled concerts over the past four weeks. The musicians, however, have held several free performances around the city.