CHICAGO (CBS) — Thursday a Hammond police officer quit the department, resigning under scrutiny after 12 years.

The department was investigating Jaime Garcia after receiving information on the officer last Thursday. He was immediately placed on administrative leave, but it’s unclear was sparked the initial investigation.

Sources said the incident in question involved a woman.

By quitting Garcia decided his own fate before the department could.

Garcia is no stranger to controversy. In an unrelated incident, he is named in a 2016 federal lawsuit accusing him of sexually harassing a fellow female Hammond police officer.

Court documents read, “A struggle ensued, which lasted approximately 45 seconds and that Garcia continued to batter her by grabbing tighter and shaking and twisting her body.”

Then Garcia allegedly continued his assault as both officers were on duty in uniform at the police station.

“This time the defendant grabbed onto a belt she was wearing,” the document reads. “What followed was Garcia striking Plaintiff on the buttocks with an open hand.”

Garcia was reprimanded and suspended for five days without pay.

That female officer’s attorney said his client is relieved that Garcia is off the force.

Garcia’s attorney did not return calls for comment.

Charlie De Mar