CHICAGO (CBS) — Before catching a train in Harvey, riders have to deal with walking past piles of garbage all over the ground.

“This looks like a very big garbage dump,” said Christopher Hall.

Hall pointed out strewn construction barricades and cones, plastic bottles, beer cans, and even a lawn chair cushion at the 147th Street Sibley Blvd. Metra stop in Harvey.

“We come out here every morning to catch the Metra and walk past this. It’s terrible, always whiskey bottles and all kinds of debris every day,” Metra commuter Derrick Gordon said.

The area is next to the Metra parking lot and right below the tracks.

CBS 2 reached out to Metra and the alderman to see who is responsible for keeping the area clean. Both said the property belongs to CN Railroad.

“When I catch the Metra, it’s always filthy out here. They need to pay somebody or get somebody to clean it up,” Gordon said.

CN Railroad said it believes the waste is a result of snow clearing or illegal trespassing and will work with local authorities to address the issue.