CHICAGO (CBS) — There’s more information out on how Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot plans to prevent violence this summer.

She said groups of unruly teens will have to be handled by police.

But as CBS 2 political reporter Derrick Blakely reports, that’s only part of her solution.

After a second day of summer crime meetings, this time involving City Hall department heads, Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot said she’s hoping to focus a variety of city resources, not just cops, on the highest crime areas.

“We look at those geographic regions and then identify what city resources are there,” Lightfoot said. “Problematic things we should be doing, times of day and those resources that are most needed. So those are the kinds of things we’re challenging agency department heads to really be thinking about.”

And Lightfoot said while unruly teens will face law enforcement consequences, the city must do more to engage teens at times like spring break.

“There’s a missed opportunity for us to make sure that we when we have a break, that we are advertising through the schools and other means, activities that our young people can participate in their neighborhoods.”

Meantime, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said he’s creating a new summer CTA unit, increasing bike patrols in entertainment districts, and a summer mobile patrol; all steps to reduce violence and maintain order.

“We welcome everybody downtown, but I can tell you this:  We will not tolerate misbehavior down there,” Johnson said.

But following a luncheon speech at the City Club, Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Graham complained that his group has been locked out of plans to cut crime.

“We certainly have some ideas. She put together a public safety committee for her transition period. And the FOP was not included,” Graham. “We don’t think that’s the best way to go forward.”

Just in time for summer, Johnson also announced an extensive shakeup of his command staff, including new chiefs of organized crime and internal affairs, a new general counsel and seven new district commanders.