CHICAGO (CBS) — A northwest suburban family enjoyed a carefree afternoon at the movies thanks to the kindness of a stranger. That might not seem like a big deal but for this family, it was.

Jennifer Daly says she and her kids were recently forced to leave a Lake in the Hills theater. She says someone complained that her son Jonathan, who has special needs, was causing a distraction with his laughing.

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A Louisiana man heard about the incident and decided to help. He rented out an entire theater in Woodstock for the Daly family and nearly 40 other children with special needs.

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“I thought it was sad that Jonathan couldn’t see the movie, and I love going to the movies and I think everybody should be able to see a movie even if they have special needs,” Beau Box said.

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Daly says when she posted about the incident on social media, she never expected such a wonderful gift. She just wanted to encourage everyone to be a little kinder to one another.