CHICAGO (CBS)–The 14-year-old charged with attempted murder for a shooting at the Argyle CTA Red Line stop appeared in court Monday, where his mom told a judge she left her son in jail over the weekend because she was fearful.

The teenager was freed from custody on Friday, but he stayed behind bars–because his mother never picked him up from jail.

Surveillance image of two suspects in a shooting at the Argyle station on the CTA Red Line on May 6, 2019. (Source: Chicago Police)

His mother told a judge Monday she feared for her life after learning her son had shot someone.

The state argued the teen would be at risk if he was let out into the community and agreed that his release could also pose a risk to his family.

The judge decided to keep him in custody until his next court hearing on May 29.

On Friday, a judge said the teen could be released, without supervision, over the objections of prosecutors.

A Cook County State’s attorney spokesperson said the boy, who has a criminal background, was held is custody too long. So under the law, he was ordered to be released.

The spokesperson said prosecutors objected and asked for electronic monitoring, but the judge denied it.

Police disputed that they held the suspect too long and said they turned him over to juvenile court within the legal time.

Sources told CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov that the alleged shooter has a lengthy record, and a police source said he has an outstanding arrest warrant downstate, which should have kept the teen in custody.

On May 8 around 5 p.m., the teen was arrested by CPD. on May 9 just 2:45 p.m. the teen was charged. On May 9 at 5:30 p.m. the teen left CPD custody to be transferred to Cook County’s Juvenile Detention Center.

Both the State’s Attorney’s Office and the Chief Judge’s Office refused to explain what happened next and cited privacy concerns.

The state’s attorney’s spokesperson said prosecutors had no knowledge of an outstanding warrant, so it wasn’t brought up.

Lauren Victory