CHICAGO (CBS) — Jemel Roberson’s autopsy reveals he was shot in the back and side repeatedly. The security guard was shot and killed by a Midlothian police officer in November.

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The investigation into the police officer is still ongoing, but those advocating for charges say the autopsy is providing more clarity into what happened that night.

“Anytime a young man is shot in the right flank and in the back, I don’t see the justification in that,” said Roberson’s friend and longtime security guard Stringer Harris.

The autopsy showed “the right side of the back had a 1/4 by 1/4 inch round entrance-type gunshot wound” and “the right abdomen/right flank had three closely spaced entrance-type gunshot wounds.”

“Based on what I read, he was shot in the back,” said Roberson’s family’s attorney, Gregory Kulis. “This confirms the fact that he was not a threat to [Midlothian police officer] Ian Covey.”

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In November gunshots sparked chaos inside Manny’s Blue Room Lounge in Robbins.

It sent people scrambling away and police officers from several departments running toward the nightclub.

In the confusion Covey, who is white, shot and killed Roberson, who is black and was working security.

Police body camera video shows the moments after Roberson was shot. There’s no video of the actual shooting.

“The fact that today we were able to accomplish and get some facts, that’s leading in the right direction for his family,” said Stringer. “We want the right charges given to this officer.”

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Illinois State Police are still investigating. Once that’s complete it will be turned over to Kim Foxx’s office, and her office will determine if charges are appropriate.

Charlie De Mar