By Suzanne Le Mignot

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Merrillville gas station is the latest to have its ground tanks contaminated by rainwater, leading to some really serious problems for drivers at the pump.

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“I’ve had my car for almost two years,” said Windy Lawrence-Booker. “Never had a problem. Never anything and now, ever since the gas, they told me it contaminated my whole car, and it’s one thing after another.”

Lawrence-Booker said she filled up her car at the Merillville Clark Station at 6101 N. Broadway. She said the car barely made it to her destination then wouldn’t start. Her dealership confirmed water, not gas, had been pumped into her gas tank.

“She actually got water,” said Deputy Inspector Terry Smith with Lake County Weights and Measures, who tested the gas at the location.

Weights and Measures County Inspector and Director Mariel Chambers said seven inches of pure water were in the tank, and it was able to get in because of flooding.

“Mother Nature. Mother Nature. As you see, we have the gaskets on top, and once water just sits, it seeps.”

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Chambers said the gas station is in a flood zone. Seven different gas stations in four Indiana communities have also had water in ground tanks.

“It’s saturated, so from April 27 through May 2 it rained,” Chambers said.

With a bill totaling nearly $3,000 for repairs, Lawrence-Booker said she has tried to get a response from the owner of the gas station after Weights and Measures confirmed water was in the Clark gas.

“I came straight here to let them know, and they have not tried to talk to me,” Lawrence-Booker said. “They should be held accountable.”

CBS 2 called Clark’s corporate office several times for comment. but has not heard back.

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Weights and Measures said anyone with a valid complaint that is confirmed through testing will get a report to give to the gas station in question to reach a resolution.