CHICAGO (CBS) — A confidential Chicago police document that was leaked on social media linked a murdered teenager to a Chicago gang.

That teenager’s mother said there’s no way her son had gang ties, and this is only adding to her pain.

Annette Flores says her 19-year-old-son Neftali Reyes Jr. graduated from high school with honors and even had a full scholarship to a college in South Carolina.

He had dreams, hopes and goals of becoming a major league baseball player.

But everything came to a tragic end in December 2017 when he was shot and killed in West Town.

His case remains unsolved.

“He was almost there. He was right there and they robbed him of his life,” Flores said.

Recently Flores came across a confidential police bulletin about her son’s death on social media.

It read, “Intelligence relates that MCB associate Reyes Neftali Buzzo was killed by Latin Kings from the Motherland terrority. The MCB’s have since began to retaliate against the Latin Kings.”

“It was absolutely disturbing, completely disturbing,” Flores said.

The bulletin said her son was an associate of a gang, meaning he knew a gang member, but Flores said it makes it seem he was a gang member when he wasn’t.

“It’s hurtful. It’s betrayal. It’s everything that is unjust,” Flores said.

Chicago police confirmed with CBS 2 news in an email this was in fact an internal CPD document. The department also confirmed Reyes had no criminal history and was not known to police.

“He doesn’t deserve the treatment that he’s getting from law enforcement,” Flores said. “He doesn’t deserve this. He deserves justice, and this community deserves justice.”

Police said the department is doing an internal investigation to see how the document was made public.