By Tara Molina

CHICAGO (CBS) — Soon you won’t be able to fly out of any Illinois airport unless you stop by the Secretary of State’s office. Starting in October of 2020, you’ll need a new “Real ID” to board any domestic flight.

The Real ID requires a lot more documents than a regular driver’s license.

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When the Real ID goes into effect, Illinois driver’s licenses will not get their owners through airport security or into any federal building or military base.

“I fly a lot and have family all around the U.S., so I guess it’s a must do for me,” said Suella Ngo.

However, you can still access those places with a passport if you have one and choose to carry it.

“I don’t like carrying it everywhere,” Ngo said.

You can’t get the Real ID by mail. It can only be applied for at Driver Service Facilities, not the express locations.

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You will need proof of identity, like a passport, birth certificate or permanent resident card. You’ll also need to prove your social security number, prove your signature and your residence.

The Real ID is sent through the mail within 15 days.

“Homeland Security established some guidelines for all 50 states to abide by,” said Secretary of State Jesse White.

Those guidelines make ID cards more secure and difficult to forge and have been in the works nationally since 2005.

“9/11 really caused the federal government to look at other ways to make sure the people flying on airplanes are certified and qualified to do so.”

Here’s the checklist to get a Real ID:

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The Secretary of State’s website has more information on the Real ID.

Tara Molina