CHICAGO (CBS) — Cubs second baseman Ben Zobrist and his wife Julianna Zobrist have filed for divorce from each other, court records show.

The couple, who married in 2005 in Iowa City, filed divorce petitions on May 13, with Julianna Zobrist filing in Cook County and Ben Zobrist filing in Williamson County, Tennessee, where the couple shares a summer home, according to court documents.

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Julianna Zobrist’s court documents don’t disclose a reason for the divorce, but Ben Zobrist’s court filing is a little more specific about why the couple is splitting.

Ben Zobrist’s petition says his wife “has been guilty of inappropriate marital conduct which render further cohabitation impossible.”

The split comes a week after Zobrist, 37, took a leave of absence from the Cubs and was placed on the team’s restricted list as a result. Zobrist also missed some time with his team during spring training.

It’s unclear whether Zobrist’s leave of absence is connected to the divorce proceedings.

The couple has three children together and share a home in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood, according to court documents.

Julianna Zobrist, a 34-year-old author and Christian music singer, hired the law firm Berger Schatz to represent her in the divorce, according to court records.

A spokesperson for the law firm declined to comment.

After the Cubs entered the postseason last year, Zobrist posted on Instagram that he planned to travel and watch his wife “crush her book tour.”


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It always takes me a few weeks to process the season and begin the offseason. Here are my thoughts…..along with a unique way of making light of the postseason that should have been……… (special thanks to @dimtillard for help with Video) Maybe you feel the way I do. It was a very quick and abrupt ending to a good season for us. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth. But let’s not forget all the good that happened. This game and this team gives us something to pass the time, to express our love and passion, to feel the joy of the wins and the pains of the losses, and it calls us to unity when we so easily can be divided about so many other things. Each game is a microcosm of life. The game itself is not Life, but it helps us deal with life in a way. I’m thankful for even the painful losses at the end. The game can be a great teacher. I felt privileged to play with this team and play for our fans all year. We were stretched and we grew in new ways as individuals and as a group and that is always a good thing. We strive to win championships, but more often the process is the goal. We will be stronger because of all that we went through this year. What will I do now? I will travel and watch my wife crush her book tour. I will be in and out of Chi-town. I just got back home to Franklin, TN. I will find joy in raising and watching my kids grow and continue becoming their own person. I will rest and begin preparing for next season. I will work hard in mind, body, and spirit. I will help other players with @patriotforward and @showandgo. I will focus on personal growth and charitable endeavors and become a better man, teammate, friend, and player. To Baseball and Fans: For the next 5 months until I play next year…. I will wait for you….

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Zobrist hasn’t changed his Twitter bio, which says he’s the ‘husband to Julianna.’ Several photos of the couple still appear on her Instagram page.