CHICAGO (CBS) — People who live in the Scottsdale area are coming together to honor the life of Marlen Ochoa, the 19-year-old expecting mother who police say was murdered and had her baby taken from her womb.

Stuffed animals, flowers, candles, and balloons make up a memorial that continues to grow at the home where police say Ochoa was murdered.

Police say the woman Ochoa was meeting at the home, Clarisa Figueroa, lured her there under the guise of giving her free baby clothes. Ochoa had also bought clothes from Figueroa in the past. The two connected via a Facebook group called “Help a Sister Out.”

Police have charged Clarisa Figueroa and her daughter, Desiree Figueroa, with murder. Clarissa’s boyfriend Piotr Bobak has been charged with concealment of a crime.

“They have no heart,” said neighbor Marleen Sorano. “There isn’t a place for them in this world.”

But horror has been replaced by something else in the Scottsdale neighborhood.

“We want to come pay our respects,” said Kendrick Davis.

“We’re down visiting his dad who is in the same hospital the little baby is at. So it just touched, and we thought that it would be nice to come and see the memorial,” said Veronica Ramirez.

Dozens and dozens of people, who didn’t know Marlen Ochoa in life, so shaken by the way her story ended, say they just had to pay their respects.

“Even if they didn’t know her, they come and put a flower, a rose, for her,” said Sorano.

Chicago Police showed up to clear people off the lawn later in the night. Soon after an SUV pulled up, and a woman in sunglasses and a hat went inside the house. Neighbors said they didn’t recognize her.

Tara Molina