CHICAGO (CBS) — A new addition to the Lincoln Park Zoo came in the form of a black rhino calf over the weekend.

On Sunday, the zoo said 13-year-old female eastern black rhinoceros Kapuki’s water broke, and she soon gave birth after being pregnant for 15 months.

According to the zoo, veterinary staff are monitoring her progress from “remote cameras” to give Kapuki and the calf privacy.  For now, the animals will not be on public display.

“Similarly, the calf is currently unsexed and unnamed but additional details will be shared as they become available,” according to a zoo spokesperson.

Lincoln Park Zoo officials said the public can monitor the developments of Kapuki and her new calf by following its social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hashtags for the event include #lincolnparkzoo #RhinoWatch and #forwildforall.


(Credit: Lincoln Park Zoo)