CHICAGO (CBS)– Anthony Drobick was just walking to the bus stop. He wound up with seven broken bones and an overnight stay at a hospital.

“I was like, okay,” Drobick said. “This isn’t just scrapes and bruises.”

Drobick said a tow truck quickly turned off Western Avenue onto North Avenue as he was crossing north around 6:15 a.m. Friday. He picked up his pace, but couldn’t get away from the truck.

“It sounded like he sped up and hit me,” Drobick said. “I bounced my head off the front of his hood. I turned around to see what hit me. Basically, he was gone.”

Drobick said he caught a glimpse of the black tow truck. He said it looked relatively new.

He told police what he saw.

An ambulance took him to Stroger Hospital, where doctors monitored his injuries overnight.

He suffered four broken ribs, a broken finger, two fractures in the bridge of his nose, and a small tear in his spleen. Drobick said he is expecting a full recovery.

“It’s ridiculous,” he said. “He might have not seen me at first, but there’s no way that I bounce off the hood of his truck and he didn’t notice then.”

Three people working in the area tell CBS 2 their building cameras unfortunately do not cover the intersection. A Chicago Police Department spokesperson said, for now, police don’t have any surveillance images they can share.

Tim McNicholas