CHICAGO (CBS) — At least 20 cars were vandalized in Rogers Park overnight, when someone smashed their windows with bricks.

Police said, around 4 a.m., officers responded to a call of multiple vehicles damaged near the intersection of Ridge and Howard.

Windows had been smashed on at least 20 cars.

“I came out this morning to go to work, and there was a brick through my rear window,” Alvin Freeman said.

Police said it did not appear anything was stolen from the vehicles.

“You can see my whole rear window is just busted open, brick laying in there. Yeah, not fun,” Dustin Borlack said. “That usually never happens here, so someone was clearly looking to just cause some trouble.”

Some car owners taped up their windows and went on their way, while others took their cars to the shop for repairs.

Detectives were trying to determine if there was any link to other recent incidents of vehicles being vandalized outside synagogues in Rogers Park.