CHICAGO (CBS) — A family searching for answers in the hit-and-run death of an army veteran said they are counting on change now that Harvey has a new mayor and a new police chief.

Joseph Hayes Jr. was killed earlier this month in a hit-and-run. His family had questions about the former leadership in Harvey. Now, in the early days of the new mayor and police chief, they say they are finally feeling heard.

Hayes was buried this week with military honors. He was 62.

Hayes went out to pick up a lottery ticket earlier this month, but he didn’t come back home.

He was crossing the busy intersection of Sibley and Halsted in Harvey.

“This car came barreling through, didn’t stop,” said Hayes’ sister JoAnn Nelson. “It was just a joke around here.”

In March the FBI raided Harvey’s city hall and the police department, carrying out boxes of evidence and making several arrests, including two relatives of the former mayor Eric Kellogg in a federal corruption probe.

“I feel a lot better that this new mayor is in,” Nelson said. “New police chief.”

With new leadership Hayes’ family feels there is at least someone listening, someone in their corner, a chance at closure and possibly signaling a new day in Harvey.

Unlike the days of old, CBS 2 cameras were welcome inside the Harvey Police Department.

“Now you see the black SUV going from the north to the southbound,” said Det. Sgt. Robert Wright, showing a video of the incident. “They actually fled purposely.”

Wright is on the case but needs help finding the drive of the SUV seen in surveillance video speeding away from the collision.

“How could somebody do something like that? How could you his somebody like that and just keep going?” Nelson said.

Police said they expect the black SUV to have front end damage and on the windshield as well as damage to the passenger side.

Charlie De Mar