CHICAGO (CBS) — On Saturday morning, Chicago police said they had already seized 54 illegal guns and arrested eight people on gun charges during the Memorial Day weekend.

CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tweeted the numbers out, adding that CPD officers had already conducted more than 1,200 traffic stops citywide.

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On Friday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson and others announced safety plans for the Memorial Day weekend.

This includes deploying nearly 1,200 officers who will be spread across the city from the lakefront to the western border.

“Chicago’s neighborhoods will all be a priority for CPD, but we are also keeping a close eye on popular gatherings like downtown shopping districts as well as beaches and parks,” Johnson said.

Sounding very much like the former federal prosecutor she is, Lightfoot underscored the federal backup Chicago police can employ.

“If you are engaged in violent crime anywhere, there’s not going to be any shelter. We are going to find you, prosecute you, and as appropriate, send you to federal prison, not around the corner. You’re going to be far away,” Lightfoot said.

Last year on Memorial Day weekend, seven people were killed on Chicago’s streets. Lightfoot said she hopes to reduce that but won’t be satisfied with any number that’s not zero.

Lightfoot also reminded residents that police need them to help by reporting crimes in their communities.

“People have to step out and have faith,” she said. “Do what is right, not provide a sanctuary to people picking up arms.”

Johnson confirmed that detectives will be in uniform in squad cars this weekend and many vacations have been cancelled to beef up police presence.