CHICAGO (CBS) — A CBS exclusive: holding on for dear life. A state trooper tried to stop a car and was dragged in the process.

CBS 2 has the stunning video from Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood where it all unfolded Sunday morning.

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A light pole took the force of the impact. Three people were involved, most notably a state trooper.

The impact was caught on surveillance. A passenger walked away from the crash and the driver ran from the scene. A state trooper was already there. He rode out the crash while clinging for life to the steering wheel.

Around 5:15 Sunday morning, Illinois State Police said there was a crash off of I-94, and they located the people involved at 18th and Union.

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Police said one person there disobeyed a trooper’s commands, ran to a family member’s car and attempted to drive away. The trooper attempted to stop that getaway, holding onto the steering wheel.

Investigators said he was dragged about half a block through Pilsen.

The trooper was transported to a local hospital with non life threatening injuries and is recovering. That, after sustaining the impact of the crash and immediately chasing after the man who was behind the wheel.

A female passenger and another family member remained on scene with law enforcement. But the driver, who set off an airbag, slipped out the front passenger door and ran from the scene and remains on the run.

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State police told CBS 2 they cannot comment further because it’s an ongoing investigation.