CHICAGO (CBS) — Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s Office is expected to release documents from the Jussie Smollett case Friday.

The documents were expected to be released next week.

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On Friday, another key hearing in the case of the “Empire” actor is taking place. Retired Judge Sheila O’Brien is asking for a special prosecutor to take a look at Foxx’s handling of the case. A Cook County judge already denied O’Brien’s request that an out-of-county judge rule on whether or not a special prosecutor is needed.

O’Brien has also asked Foxx to appear in court along with other high ranking officials in her office. But, the judge says it is too premature to make that decision.

On Thursday, almost 500 pages of Chicago police documents pertaining to the Smollett case were released after the seal in the Smollett case was lifted last week.

Of note, the state’s attorney’s office contacted police nearly a month before charges were dropped telling them that Smollett will pay $10,000, do community service and admit guilt. But that admission of guilt never happened as the case was suddenly dropped all together — a major shock to the city and police.

The case for the special prosecutor is still being heard.

Charlie De Mar