CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago police lined up with Northwestern University officers in the Gold Coast neighborhood Friday night as a show of force and partnership following a rash of crimes.

Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd Ward) announced Northwestern’s officers, who have the same police powers as CPD officers, now have the same capability to respond to emergency calls CPD might field around campus.

“Up until recently, they did not have the ability to even communicate on the same radio frequencies as the 18th District,” Hopkins said. “We’ve corrected that. They can now work as a team together.”

Concerns about muggings, carjackings and other violent crimes led to the event Friday. On Monday, three robberies in a three-block span took place in less than 30 minutes.

Ald. Hopkins said the downtown areas experienced sexual assaults, an increase in carjacking and two fatal shootings recently. As a result, the CPD Summer Mobile Unit, the Violence Reduction Unit and additional Northwestern patrols hope to combat the disturbing trend.

“I am witness right now to one of the most aggressive police deployments of additional patrol resources that I’ve seen during my time as alderman,” Hopkins said.

Some neighbors call it comforting. Others are calling for more to be done. One neighbor said she’s glad so many showed up concerned about public safety.

An increase in patrols is expected Friday night.