(CBS Local)– Chris Redd has come a long way since his days doing sketch comedy at The Second City.

The 34-year-old is a cast member on “Saturday Night Live,” tours the country as a stand-up comic, and has a new movie coming out June 14 with Jerry O’Connell and Katie Aselton called “Deep Murder.” Redd is a self-proclaimed comedy nerd and fell in love with sketch comedy after starting out as a rapper.

“I realized I was a comedy nerd when I was taking improv and didn’t stop taking improv,” said Redd in an interview with CBS Local. “When I went to try improv at The Second City for the first time, it looked so stupid, but it felt so dope. I did all the classes and I had always loved comedy and studied all the movies. I’ve always been so intrigued by it because I was an introvert growing up.”

After failing to make the cut the first time he auditioned for SNL, Redd finally made his way to New York in 2017. His first year on the show was one of the craziest years of his life.

“The biggest change was that I had my own place with my name on it,” said Redd. “I was couchsurfing for years. I had been on couches and air mattresses for years and I had my own bed and my own place. Having my own little life in New York was dope. The Emmy was insane, that was huge. There’s so many things I love about what that job has brought.

While Redd is off for the summer from SNL, he’ll be busy with the release of his new movie and stand-up comedy tour. The Nequana Valley High School graduate knows he can’t stop grinding now, even though he’s had some success.

“Stand up is a whole different beast, a whole different career of mine and I love it,” said Redd. “It’s something you got to continue to work or you’ll lose it. I’m always in fear of that. SNL is the first job that tired me out. This is the first one that makes me say vacation. I’m learning how to balance. Last summer I worked all summer and I came back and I was still running. That won’t happen no more. I love to work. Even if I sleep all day and do three shows, that’s still good work for me.”

“Deep Murder” hits select theaters and will be available on demand June 14.