CHICAGO (CBS) — More than 90 people were shot in Chicago in the last two weekends alone, and with Chicago Public Schools letting out next week, as always there are concerns of summer violence.

Just Thursday night a 2-year-old was shot in Albany Park. Friday there was a call for neighbors too take back their blocks.

Father Pfleger and others took to the streets with a plea for a safe summer.

“It is personal. It’s very personal,” said Sandra Brigham .

Brigham wore the names and pictures of neighborhood kids gunned down in recent years, include her son Ramon. He was 16.

“He was murdered on my 40th birthday on, August 1, 2014,” she said.

“Violence is not going to be tolerateed where we live, where pay rent, where way pay mortgage,” said Pfleger. “Not on our block.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said kids in Chicago should not be afraid of growing up or taking their next step and vowed to make public safety her number one priority.

“We will not shelter the people who wreak havoc and chaos in our streets,” she said. “We will not give them sanctuary.”

But she acknowledges it is not her problem alone.

“No government, no leader, no mayor can do this alone,” she said. “I need each of you to make a commitment, to dig down deeper and make sure that our young people are safe this summer.”

David Hogg was in town also advocating for change after he saw 17 fellow students and staff members shot and killed at his high school in Parkland, Florida.

“Nobody in the greatest country on earth should have to fear gun violence on a daily basis,” he said.

But the efforts fall flat for some as Chicago has seen dozens shot in recent weeks and, in some cases, repeat gun offenders allowed back on the streets.

“They can’t do it on their own, but they need to make it where it is safe for the residents to speak up,” said Brigham.

“If we really want our children to be safe, we are the ones that got to do our part on the block, in the neighborhood, in the community,” Pfleger said.

Charlie De Mar