CHICAGO (CBS) — A “no parking” sign on east 95th Street in West Chesterfield was installed last week right in front of Phil Smith’s hair salon. He’s been in business in that location for 31 years, but this was a first.

It created a hardship for his customers, many of whom are elderly or disabled.

“We have people with disabilities that need this spot,” said Smith. “That’s all I’m asking, that they remove the sign and keep their word.”

That word came from representatives of Ald. Anthony Beale’s office, who told CBS 2 last week that the sign would come down.

“They said the sign was installed in error,” said Smith.

No one from the city can explain why the sign was installed there three decades after Smith opened his salon.

Though a city Transportation Department spokesman said state law says vehicles can’t be parked within 20 feet of an intersection. That’s about the distance between the intersection and the sign in front of Smith’s salon.

But then there is another “no parking” sign, which CBS 2’s Jim Williams estimates to be about 100 feet from the intersection, taking away even more parking for Smith’s salon and other businesses on 95th Street.

“I’ve been out here since 1959, said Eddie Davis. “Sixty years, and all of a sudden you can’t park across the street. Makes no sense.”

Oddly, moments later a city worker showed up and moved that “no parking” sign much closer to the intersection. He relocated another around the corner.

A city spokesman said it was an acknowledgement that those signs has been incorrectly placed.

But there has still been no action on the “no parking” sign in front of Smith’s salon.

“I’m in the twilight of my career, and I need the spots to sustain the few years I got left here,” he said. “So that’s why I’m screaming and crying.”

Late Wednesday afternoon Chicago Department of Transportation spokesman Michael Claffey told CBS 2 the sign has to stay up due to the heavy traffic on 95th Street and efforts to keep pedestrians safe.