CHICAGO (CBS) — Buffalo Grove police recently arrested two people in connection with child pornography, one of whom was also charged with criminal sexual assault of a victim under 13.

According to police, Kimberly Schubert, 43, was arrested on May 30 and charged with predatory criminal sexual assault and two charges of child pornography. Her bond was set at $1 million and was reduced to $300,000. Schubert has since posted bond.

Credit: Buffalo Grove Police Department

Police said Jason Akai, 44, was charged with solicitation of child pornography and production of child pornography. The victims were under the age of 13. Akai was arrested on June 20 and given a $1 milion bond. He is still in custody in Lake County Jail, according to Buffalo Grove police.

“This case came to light after the Department of Children and Family Services alerted Buffalo Grove Police of a tip they received from an out-of-state therapist,” Buffalo Grove Police officials stated in a press release.

The two suspects have court dates set for June 27.

Police said the investigation is ongoing.