CHICAGO (CBS) — The owners of a Chicago bar say it’s time to go after five masked men committed an armed robbery of the bar and its customers Friday night.

They were in and out in less than three minutes.

The Phoenix Bar assistant manager David Zak points to a bullet hole in the bar’s wall after five masked men robbed the workers and customers Friday night.

The bar has been a target several times before. Two out of the three crimes that have happened at the bar in the last three years were armed robberies.

David Zak pointed out a bulled embedded in a wall of his parents’ bar after a group of armed robbers stormed the establishment and discharged their weapons.

“My goal was to find my mom,” said Zak. “She was actually on her way down the stairs when she heard the noise because she thought someone was maybe fighting.”

The 21-year-old assistant manager said around 11 p.m. Friday, five masked subjects stormed The Phoenix Bar on North Pulaski and demanded everyone lie on the ground.

“I think two or three of the customers had guns to their heads,” Zak said.

Four of the robbers flashed weapons and shot at the bartender.

“As they fired the first shot she was spooked. She came running this way and ran out to the basement. As she was running this way the assailants fired a bullet after her hitting right here trying to spook her,” Zak said.

Zak said his mom normally is at the bar, but that night she decided to go upstairs 30 minutes before the robbery.

“We’re actually looking to kind of move on from this business,” he said. “To be honest we’re just really tired of just all the negativity that comes along with owning a bar.”

Police said no one was injured, and the suspects ran off with about $300 from the register and customers’ cell phones and wallets.