CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Lori Lightfoot spoke to Eric Trump after she learned a worker at a high-end cocktail bar spit on him, saying the city “cannot countenance people who go out of their way to express themselves in such a repugnant fashion.”

An employee at The Aviary cocktail bar was detained by the Secret Service on Tuesday night, after spitting on Trump, the son of President Donald Trump. The worker has been placed on leave and was held by authorities for about two hours. Eric Trump declined to pursue charges, a decision Lightfoot called “very gracious of him.”

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“I think civility matters and we may not agree.” Lightfoot said at a news conference on Thursday. “In my case, I don’t agree with a lot of the things President Trump stands for. Our values are different.”

“But you cross the line when you assault someone. You absolutely cross the line when you intentionally target someone for that kind of treatment,” she added. “No one deserves that. No one.”

In a statement, Aviary called the incident unfortunate and said it is investigating.

Chicago police would only say they assisted the Secret Service with “a law enforcement matter” Tuesday night at the popular West Loop cocktail bar, and the Secret Service declined to comment.

Eric Trump told Breitbart News it a “disgusting act” that demonstrates Democrats lack civility.

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“It just emphasizes a sickness and desperation and the fact that we’re winning,” Trump told Breitbart.

However, it appeared Trump was enjoying his time in Chicago overall. He tweeted pictures of Trump Tower, writing “It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world!”

In the statement released by Aviary, the restaurant said “no customer should ever be spit upon. We have not yet spoken with the employee but our HR team has, in the meantime, placed her on leave.”

“We hope this incident can, at least, serve to illuminate the current absurdity of the discourse in our politics. As fellow Americans and citizens, we should all aim higher.”

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Meanwhile, a Massachusetts restaurant with the same name is urging people on social media not to blame them for the spitting incident.