CHICAGO (CBS) — She shouldn’t have been behind the wheel.

CBS 2 has learned the driver who’s accused of hitting and killing a mother of eight didn’t even have a license. And that’s not all.

CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports prosecutors said Dereknesha Brown had a blood alcohol level of point .121.

Derek Brown spoke to CBS 2 after leaving a bond hearing for his daughter, Dereknesha Brown.

“We’re not just here to support my daughter, we’re here to support the other family as well,” said Dereknesha Brown’s father Derek Brown.

She’s charged with aggravated DUI. The victim, Anne Johnson, is the mother of eight children. Prosecutors said Dereknesha Brown was drunk and speeding when she hit Johnson, who was walking near 16th and Homan in the North Lawndale neighborhood early Saturday morning.

In court, Brown told the judge she called for help after the accident.

“She stayed and made sure the lady had care and she left her with paramedics,” Derek Brown said.

Dereknesha Brown is also charged with leaving the scene of the accident. After paramedics arrived, the 21-year-old went to a friend’s house to change her clothes, then turned herself in at the police station two blocks from the scene.

“Dereknesha as well, is very apologetic of the incident,” added her father.

The 21-year-old’s father is a community activist in North Lawndale, known for hosting events for young people, aimed at keeping them off the street.

Just hours before the accident, he had wrapped up a youth picnic. He had a plea for Johnson’s family:

“I want to let the family know that I am hurt. I’m her father,” said Derek Brown. “If need be, anybody can contact me. You can go through the neighborhood. Speak my name and somebody will get in contact me.”

“I don’t want her to be in there for life. She’s young,” said Danielle Johnson, Annie’s eldest daughter. “I forgive her, but she needs to sit and let it marinate. She needs to think. You don’t drink and drive.”

Johnson had six sons and two daughters. CBS 2 spoke with some of her children as they were planning her funeral.

A judge set Dereknesha Brown’s bond at $10,000.

“It’s not fair she got a light bond. She should do some time,” added Johnson. “My mama gone. I can’t get her back.”

In announcing the bond, the judge said he is very aware of the severity of the crime. He took into account that Brown has no violent offenses in her history. Brown will be on electronic monitoring and has been ordered not to drink while out on bond.