CHICAGO (CBS) — A couple was carjacked and kidnapped before escaping in the Belmont Central neighborhood Monday morning, according to Chicago police. The couple escaped, running down the street in interlocked handcuffs, 30 miles from where they kidnapping took place. The alleged kidnapper was shot and killed by police.

Elgin police say it does not appear to be a random kidnapping, and the “victims were known to the offenders.”

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The 41-year-old man was shot and killed by police in an apartment building in the 6200  block of Grand. Neighbors say they weren’t sure if the property was being rented out or was vacant at the time.

They say they were awakened by gunshots.

“We believe that is didn’t happen here,” said Chicago Police Sgt. Cindy Guerra. “It happened in a surrounding suburb, and it ended here.”

Elgin police say it happened there when a man and woman were carjacked and kidnapped in the 100 block of North Porter Street sometime after 9 Sunday night.

Around 6:45 Monday morning they were spotted running in handcuffs near Mobile and Grand by an off duty police officer.

They took police to an apartment down the street where officers broke in through the back door and found a 41-year-old man armed.

The offender died in the confrontation with police. No officers were injured.

Neighbor Charles Thomas said his mom woke him up when she heard the shots.

“She basically run in the room and told me to get down,” he said.

Police have not released a motive in the case.

Elgin police are asking anyone with information about the carjacking and kidnapping to come foreward.

The shooting is currently being investigated by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability.

The officers involved will be placed on routine administrative duties for the next 30 days.

Megan Hickey